Optimize Your Business and Marketing Planning Day With A Printable Workbook!

Ready To Stop Letting Clients, Sales, and Revenue Pass You By Because Your Marketing Doesn’t Stand Out or Get Their Attention? Or Worse, Doesn’t Get Completed??

Finally, You Don't Have Any Excuses! Check Off Your Marketing To-Do List Month By Month With My Step-By-Step Action Plan, Checklists and Templates!

The reason why so many business owners don’t get all the marketing tactics, strategies and tasks completed and checked off their lists is because they don’t have time, they don’t know how, or they don’t have the team they need so they can hand it off and get it done.

Or, maybe you do hand things off but when your projects come back, your VA didn’t do it quite it right, or it just isn’t what you had hoped it would be, so you don’t do anything with the end result, which wastes a lot of time and money.

And then there’s all the waiting for contractors to finally get around to getting your projects completed, and too many missed deadlines so you finally just try to do it yourself, or give up altogether.

Here’s the good news, it IS possible to get everything done the right way, on time, and within your budget.

You probably have a long list of marketing “to do’s” that you hope to be able to get to “some day.”

But your “to do” list just keeps getting longer because you’re not sure where to start, what to do first, or HOW to even get any of it done.

And most likely, there are many marketing strategies that you’ve been meaning to tackle because you know that you need to uplevel your content marketing strategy and position your business as the success you know it can be.

So let me ask you a question. . . . .

Would You Like To Expand Your Content Marketing Files And Finally Get All Those Cool Client Attracting Tactics Completed in Six Months?

Do you want to have professional looking marketing that looks you look like the rock star you are, such as:

  • Infographics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Illustrated Story Boards
  • Social media graphics
  • Media exposure
  • Surveys
  • Giveaways
  • Client Attracting Signature Talks & Webinars
  • & MORE

Now Imagine if You Had Access to Monthly Action Plans, How To’s, Checklists, and Resources for Creating

Amazing Marketing That Builds Momentum & Your Business So That A Year From Now:

Are you READY to have a whole portfolio of fantastic marketing pieces that help you to build your list, convert more leads, increase sales, grow your income, and impresses your community AND your competitors?

How flipping fantastic would you feel by the end of this year when you look back at how much you have accomplished over the past 6 months?

  • Wouldn’t it be great to upgrade your marketing and branding?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to stand out to the clients you want to work with?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to stand out in your market and industry?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to grow your business faster?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have professional marketing strategies in place that build your business and makes you look like the rock star you know you are?
  • It all sounds fantastic, right?

Then I have GREAT news for you, I’m inviting you to join me for a program that will help you check off all of the above, and finally step into the success strategies you’ve been coveting for far too long!


Monthly Momentum Master Class:
Content Marketing Implementation Strategies

I know what a challenge it can be to be consistent with your marketing and stay on top of it all so you can expand your business and get it to the next level as quickly as possible.

Trying to wear all the hats in your business at one time is a recipe for disaster because things inevitably fall through the cracks, and when it does, unfortunately money often falls off the table at the same time.

I often get questions about how I get so much done, how I come up with such creative ideas, and how I outsource everything so effectively. . . . . Here’s the thing, you have to first KNOW what strategies you need to implement, and HOW to effectively pull it all together.

Which is precisely why I’ve created this program.

EVERY month you’ll work WITH me, and together we will work our way through the year, concentrating on one major business building tactic at a time.

Together we will get things one in an organized and STRATEGIC process, in a way that is done right the first time, and doesn’t waste your time, energy or money, and gets DONE quickly.

This program is for you IF any of the following challenges are happening in your business:


And you're starting to wonder if:


In order to FIX it, you know it's time to finally:

Here’s an Overview of
Your Productive Strategic CREATIVE
Year Ahead:

Bonus Training One

JanuaryThe first month we will create the process of your monthly marketing campaigns, and get prepared for what’s ahead. We will be setting up accounts we’ll need, map out our year ahead marketing and business plan, and evaluate our branding, automation, sales plan, and marketing strategies.

Bonus Training Two

JanuaryThis month we are going to get our ducks in a row and vet some key team building members that we will need in the months ahead. We will assemble a team of professional and talented contractors who work for pennies on the dollar and make our marketing materials look like a million bucks. With $20 here and there, we will test out team members who are creative, responsive and reliable to help us with the plethora of marketing we need to accomplish in the year ahead.

Bonus Training Three

JanuaryWe are getting started with a BANG! You will focus on your messaging, your proprietary process, and your own personal keynote presentation that you need to revamp or create from scratch. My own personal speaking coach is going to be available for Q&A and feedback as we craft your powerful presentation for the stage or virtually, or both! We will make sure that you are able to sell yourself and your services through your speaking.

Bonus Training Four

JanuaryThis month we will zero in on your opportunities to get your business in the spotlight. We will explore the in’s and out’s to landing interviews with reporters, journalists and interviewers. I will walk you through the step by step process that I have used time and time again to land major exposure in well known publications from local newspapers and magazines to major national publications like the Wall Street Journal. You’ll also learn how to leverage the exposure you’ll get for maximum benefit that lasts well beyond your 15 minutes of fame.

Bonus Training Five

JanuaryBy the end of month, I’ll show you how to write an effective press release that has the opportunity for page one exposure, and how to get your release distibuted to major channels that can land you some serious visibility, traffic and acclaim! Press releases are a tool that I have used in my own business for years, and we’ll learn how to write them like pro.

We’ll get our press kits pulled together, and map out our media pages on our websites so we are ready for the fame fortune that is coming our way!

Bonus Training Six

JanuaryJune is the month we get your video marketing polished and shined so you look like the star that you are. We will focus on your home page messaging, and strategize about how to increase conversions with strategic videos. I’ll show you the videos that have rocketed conversion rates for myself and my clients, and how you can EASILY recreate the same ones! If you’re camera shy, we’ll work on that and I’ll show you some of my beginning videos and how horrible they were. I’ll show you the videos that make me cringe but people still talk about how much they loved them, and I’ll share with you the resources we use to get professional videos created for usually less than $20 and you can too.

By the end of the month, you’ll have some new videos, as well as a professional intro, outro, a video editor and a slew of new video marketing skills like a BOSS!

July Training

JanuaryOur credibility is in our content, and not everyone is extremely confident about writing, so we’ll focus on how to write marketing messages with the least amount of effort, but in a way that gets the most impact. I’ll teach you my very simple system for creating content, teach you how to outsource, and how to leverage what you publish for the most profits. We’ll look at marketing strategies that allow you to repurpose your past and future efforts, how to get other people to do your work for you, where to promote what you’ve published, and other writing related efforts such as Kindle publishing. Even if you HATE writing, or think you can’t write, you will LOVE what I’ll be teaching you so much that you just may change your mind.

August Training

JanuaryThis month we will look at your proprietary process, your messaging and your launches that are ahead, including your holiday and year end marketing. You will get organized in creating visual marketing collateral that gets shared, printed and remembered, and expands your visual marketing portfolio. You will finally get a process in place that capitalizes on your most successful client’s results, and buids your business by leveraging your previous work and efforts.

I’ll show you how to create impressive infographics and implement that as a strategic part of your integrated content marketing plan.

September Training

JanuaryThis is a key month to monetize all your work in this program. We will work together to create a simple product that you need as either a lead magnent or for passive income, or BOTH if you’re really ambitious. You will evaluate your entire business and determine where the holes are and what’s needed to end 2015 on a high note.

I’ll walk you through a simple process for creating the products, or programs you need, and show you how to create a fantastic product that your ideal clients find irrestible, compelling and valuable and are unable to pass up!

With the team members in place you have already vetted, this should be a simple venture that you can repeat over and over to create as many professional looking lead magnets and income producing products as needed with very little time and effort on your part.

October Training

JanuaryThis is the month where the rubber meets the road, and we put everything together that we’ve worked on in the previous months to map out your sales funnels! We will build out your front end and back end strategies, and create a process that converts your visitors into buyers and lucrative clients for your high end programs.

You will take all the content, videos, graphics, and marketing collateral that you’ve created in the previous months and assemble a fantastic sequence and funnel that puts your business on autopilot as much as possible.

November Training

JanuaryThis month you will map out your launch plan, and create a template that you can easily use over and over again in the years ahead. We will organize the entire process from pre-launch, launch and post-launch and all the individual steps in betweeen so your launches are flawless and make YOU look like the pro that you are.

We will examine all the latest technology and options for getting key pieces to any launch implemented, such as optin pages, sales pages, affiliate partners, follow up, testimonials, and simple conversion techniques you must know in order to maximize your success.

December Training

JanuaryThis month we will zero in on your opportunities to get your business MORE visibility, traffic and visitors who will grow your list. I’ll show you how we put more than 1,000 people a month onto my own database, and the simple strategies you can swipe to build your business much more quickly, and in an automated way.

I’ll show you best practices, and point out the shortcuts that will save you time, energy, and money. and the most effective techniques that are currently working best for my own lead generation and traffic.

We saved the best for last, you built out your business, all that’s left to do is increase your traffic so you can sit back and watch the dominos create a fascinating automated process while you drink champagne and celebrate the holidays and the New Year ahead.

So Here’s What You GET!

Extra Bonus

Monthly Calendars with important dates, events holidays and fun facts you need to know for a up to the moment content marketing strategy.

Printable checklists, tools, and resources throughout your program, including binder inserts to fill your Monthly Momentum Content Marketing Binder throughout the year.


Payment Options:

MONTHLY OPTION: Only 3 monthly payments of $347 for your one year membership

This is a SIX month program commitments,, there are no refunds for unused months. Your card will be charged monthly for 3 months unless you choose the full one time investment.

FULL PAY (Best Deal!) One time easy payment ONLY $999 (Like getting NINE months free, plus additional bonuses!)

Full Pay BONUS #1:Private Strategy Call with Me

You and I will jump on a call to explore your year ahead vision and goals, and maximize your efforts. I’ll take a look at your online presence and digital marketing channels and give you some feedback on where to concentrate your efforts in order to leverage opportunities to increase your client attraction and visibility.

Full Pay BONUS #2:

$500 Credit Toward Any 2 Day LIVE Intensive Workshops. (The next one is in Ft. Lauderdale in early March!)

This is a SIX month program commitments,, there are no refunds for unused months. Your card will be charged monthly for 3 months unless you choose the full one time investment.

Are You Ready to Achieve Major Momentum in Your Business and Uplevel Your Game?

Join the Monthly Marketing Momentum Master
Class Program for

For less than $90 a month for the full pay option!

Here’s What You’ll Have As Marketing Collateral At the End of The Year:

  • A year ahead strategy and marketing plan that keeps you focused
  • A signature presentation for online and offline
  • A reliable, professional and talented outsource team
  • Media contacts, exposure and professional press kit
  • Professional videos that WOW and effectively communicate your message
  • Articles that grow your reach and expand your business
  • Writing skills that increase your open rates, responses and revenue
  • Professional designed infographics and case studies that increase your credibilty
  • Automated sequences and funnels that put your income generation and client attraction on autopilot
  • Strategic products, programs, sales pages and optin pages that positions you as a credible expert and grows your business
  • A launch process that keeps you organized and maximizes your results

This is a SIX month program commitments,, there are no refunds for unused months. Your card will be charged monthly for 3 months unless you choose the full one time investment.



"During Cheryl's program, we got a nomination for an award. Being in the boot camp marketing program helped me to get me very focused on marketing activities and focused on new possibilities...and we won! I'm really excited for what's ahead!"

Melissa Gaines www.thelittlegym.com/gainesvilleVA

"Cheryl does a great job of helping people break down a big project into smaller, easier to manage steps. Plus she gives excellent tips / advice regarding what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been working with Cheryl for less than two months and she has helped me more than double my income. With Cheryl’s help and guidance I feel I am on the right path. I can hardly wait to see what Cheryl has in store for us next!"

Catrell Cooney www.TheWanderingCoconut.com

"I signed up for this program because I trust Cheryl’s expertise to be where the market is moving. She is on time with her ideas. She is an awesome motivator. You always get content rich information with her programs. I knew I needed a boost. Through her program, I was motivated to create a program out of the blue in response to an idea that just rolled off her tongue during our first live class. I created the idea for my offering in 1 day, and a week later when it launched, I had 130 new people on my mailing list.

I’ve had more “opens” and “click-throughs” than I’ve ever had with an email campaign. I now have direction for the year ahead. The ideas just don’t stop! I’m back in my creative flow. I’m just totally excited that I’m back on track! What is not to like about Cheryl’s programs? If you want to end your year with a bang, and/or begin your new year with a sizzle, you need to consider working with Cheryl!"

Joyce Harrell www.joyceharrellwellness.com

"I signed up for this program to learn the what, how and timing for marketing from a phenomenal internet marketer who is overflowing with integrity, Cheryl Heppard. Definitely sign up! It is an awesome value and jam packed with everything that you would need to keep customers/clients top of mind. Cheryl and her team paid loving attention to the closed FB group."

Alyse Parise www.walktalkconnect.com

"I signed up for the program because I knew I wanted to try one of Cheryl’s programs and it was an amazing offer that was too good to pass up. As soon as I saw the program, I grabbed it. I wanted to increase my sales in November and December, the slowest time of year for sales in the services business. I took very good notes and implemented everything Cheryl suggested to my business. She gave us unlimited resources and told us all the “how to” get it all done. All I had to do was the work in getting it done and implement what Cheryl said. As result with in the 2nd week I had my packages all put together and sold over $2,000.00 in paid services. I made a $97 investment and a $1,903 profit with in the first 2 weeks of Cheryl’s program!! Don’t hesitate! Just do it!! Cheryl and her team are amazing and this was by far the best investment I made. I can’t wait for Cheryl’s’ next program!!"

Jennifer Knauf www.correctivebalance.com

"I signed up for this program to get ideas for my marketing plan. I developed a package to promote. This program provides you with creative ideas, templates and motivates you to do something! It was great! Cheryl gives LOTS of content."

Corey McCusker

"I really enjoyed Boot Camp program! I’m amazed at how much content was provided; the workbook and calls were filled with actionable tips and strategies. And I love that I picked up information that I can apply year-round. Thank you for all the feedback, Karra and Cheryl. Your entire team is top notch!"

Melissa Gaines

"Thank you Cheryl for hosting such as awesome how to marketing program! The content was fantastic, I really learned a lot, and I’ve enjoyed meeting all the new people & the content (& incredible workbook) is priceless! And thank you to Karra for all of her support behind the scenes. You guys make a great team."

Amy Mulkey Amy@AmyMulkey.com

"Cheryl Heppard gives the most personal and attention to detail when it comes to creative marketing that I know of! Every program I have been part of has enriched my business so much. It’s all about the details! Thank you for the awesome program and your great sources and support, as usual you over deliver and were full of surprises."

Ekaterina Morrissey

Join The Monthly Marketing Momentum Master Class Program Today and I’ll Throw in these Special Additional Bonuses!

Full Pay Bonus:

Monthly Calendars with important dates, events holidays and fun facts you need to know for a up to the moment content marketing strategy

Printable checklists, tools, and resources throughout your program, including binder inserts to fill your Monthly Momentum Content Marketing Binder throughout the year.

Proactive Marketing

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Join Today:


Join the Monthly Marketing Momentum Master Class Program for Only $999 for the ENTIRE YEAR! (Get Additional Bonuses!)

or 3 monthly payments of $347

For less than $90 a year, you can access to me on a monthly basis, and a year long coaching program that will help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible!

This program is an EXCELLENT fit for you if:

  • You KNOW you need to do ALL of these things, but have no idea HOW.
  • Your current marketing methods aren’t working to build your business.
  • You can never find the time to get everything done and need more organization.
  • You’ve been wanting to join a coaching program but finances are a challenge
  • You’re tired of seeing your colleagues doing all of this stuff and had no idea of how to join in
  • You’re ready for a REAL business that grows

This is a SIX month program commitments,, there are no refunds for unused months. Your card will be charged monthly for 3 months unless you choose the full one time investment.

Thank YOU!
Warmly Yours,
Cheryl Heppard

Join the Monthly Marketing Momentum Master

Class Program for
Only $999 for the ENTIRE YEAR! (Get Additional Bonuses!)
OR 3 payments of $347/month

The investment will INCREASE throughout the year, this is the BEST DEAL you will see for so much training, mentorship and support. If you’ve wanted to work with me, here is your chance. Limited spots available, and the investment will never be this low again.

This is a SIX month program commitments,, there are no refunds for unused months. Your card will be charged monthly for 3 months unless you choose the full one time investment.